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Who Are We?

Over the last 20 years, with the vision and guidance of Lisa Balcombe (Managing Director), Alphabet Kidz Talent Agency has grown to be a well established agency providing its young talent opportunities working within the media and creative arts.

From the beginning Lisa wanted to concentrate on working more “one to one” with the young performers at her agency, coaching/mentoring their talents and confidence. This work gave Lisa an invaluable opportunity to observe the role of self esteem on the children she worked with and how that impacted upon their confidence and belief in themselves. Lisa noted the importance of self confidence and how this alone could assist young people in getting more out of their lives and achieve their goals more easily; not just in acting, but in life.

With these thoughts in mind, Lisa asked Cindy O’Callaghan to come on board to help develop and deliver tailor made TV Acting Master Class workshops for all her artists. Cindy’s history as a successful child actor in Hollywood combined with her current youth work and child psychotherapy training was a perfect match. Cindy first starred as ‘Carrie’ in Bedknobs and Broomsticks and went on to star in many other Disney projects; and numerous TV Series in England, including Eastenders.

Lisa and Cindy share the same vision and passion for young people. Together they introduce children and young people to the idea of a “tool bag”. A bag of acting skills needed to be a successful young performer that our young artists can draw from whenever they need.

Lisa & Cindy are dedicated to children and the pursuit of their own creative potential.

Teaching children to be expressive and creative, Lisa and Cindy believe this impacts positively upon the later choices that they make at school and later in life.


Why are We Different?

You will find in our workshops that 'Every child does matter'.

Every work shop is developed and offered in a safe, respectful and creative space, where we always respect the individual's needs and boundaries

Confidence and self esteem is the base from which to work from not just for acting; but in all areas of life.

This understanding led Lisa and Cindy to open up the TV workshops and create more specific workshops for all young people - not just for those who want to act but those that wanted to develop self confidence. It was felt that after taking Level 1 of the TV Acting Master Classes some of our children may decide they do not wish to become actors on stage and this has opened up new adventures for them behind the scenes. What was key however is that everybody who took the workshop would leave feeling confident with their skills and the individual they are.

We discovered our Master Classes opened up new avenues to also work from behind the scenes and that not all young people will want to go on to become performers; some may develop an interest in becoming Writers, Producers and Directors. What is key is that everybody who took our Master Classes left feeling confident with their skills and the individual they are - 'there is nobody else like you'. 

We continue to develop new creative and fun ways to help young people access their confidence. Every Chilld has a tailored and individual approach and is assessed individually for their needs.


Why do we do what we do?

  • To nurture and inspire young people
  • To develop, guide, grow and support young people’s individual talents and skills
  • To identify individual talents and unique skills.
  • To know each individual artist on our books personally
  • To create a space for all young people to be represented by the media – embracing diversity at all levels
  • To provide our clients with the right talent for their bookings; knowing the personality, temperament and skills set of all talent.
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