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Terms & Conditions

Booking Fee & Agency Fee 

In general booking fees cover the right to use one image for one year from the date of booking, in the UK, only for the initial permitted use. Overseas coverage must be specified and authorised in writing at the time of booking.

Weather Permitting Bookings
If a booking is ‘Weather Permitting’ this must be made clear at the time of booking. At the first cancellation 50% of the fee is charged, unless the client fails to cancel in time to prevent the model’s/performer’s attendance, where the full fee is payable. At the second cancellation the full fee is charged.

Additional Usage Fees - To be negotiated at the time of booking:-
Usage fees are to be negotiated with the agency and must be stated at the time of the booking. Usage fees are in addition to the talent's hourly/day rate.

Performance Licence
The Children and Young Persons Act now requires that the client apply for a licence for each child booked for performance work of any nature. The Agency make every attempt to keep on file all the relevant documentation required for all talent currently represented by us and will be happy to help you obtain these licenses in any way we can. If you would like us to complete the relevant Licence Application Form and apply for you we reserve the right to charge a £35.00 per talent administration fee.

Exclusion fees
A special fee will be negotiated when the work is in conjunction with a product that precludes the talent from working with competing products. If the talent advertises a product he/she is able to work for any competitor unless an exclusive fee is negotiated.

Indemnity Insurance
The client is responsible for the talent's health and safety when the artist/model is travelling or providing services in connection with a booking to the same extent as if the artist/model were an employee of the client. The Agency is not responsible if the artist/model fails to attend the booking due to ill health, accident or some other reason. The client is advised to insure against any loss.

The Client is responsible for the artist meals on all bookings.

Commercials/Digital Media 
The normal daily rates will apply plus a buy out fee to be negotiated per territory.

Client Responsibility
It is the client’s responsibility to:-
a) disclose any extraordinary conditions or requirements
b) provide adequate dressing facilities on all bookings
c) give the address and phone no. of all booking locations
d) arrange and co-ordinate all travel arrangements
e) apply for a licence for the model/performer to perform

Invoicing and Payment
Payment is required within 7 days of the date of invoice. In all cases the person booking the artist/model will be invoiced and solely responsible for the payment. We reserve the right to invoice the ‘ultimate client’ (i.e. advertising agency, brand, designer, manufacturer, record company, owner of the product in question). Late Payment will incur a 15% finance charge.

All fees are due immediately upon use of any artistes' image or voice, whether in print, in a commercial or online. Title of goods and services supplied remains the property of AKL until payment for all goods and services have cleared. In the event of non-payment for any reason, including bankruptcy or liquidation proceedings, continued use of those goods and services will be deemed unauthorised use of AKL’s title, and may be subject to Child Protection litigation, in addition to debt recovery litigation and payment will be due immediately.

Alphabet Agency/Alphabet Kidz Ltd aims to provide a friendly, reliable and efficient service to all our clients. We look after all the artists/models on our books and ensure that everyone is fairly and equally represented. At the same time, never undermining our talent and their welfare, which is the utmost importance at all times. We aim to meet the needs and requirements of all our clients at all times.

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