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Parent FAQs

What happens at an audition?

If your child gets called for an audition, it is likely that other children from other agencies will be called along as well. It doesn’t mean your child has got the job. The casting director may just want to meet your child for 5 minutes to see if they will be suitable or not and to ensure they are right for the job. At the audition it is very important that there is only one parent per child; parents do not approach or ask any questions of the Casting Director, or their team. Unless spoken to, it is your child who they want to see, and they may ask him or her some questions. Sometimes parents are asked to wait outside whilst their child is seen, this is helpful as some kids can become self-conscious with their parents in the room. Please ensure your child is dressed appropriately, they are clean and tidy, and no make up or jewellery (only studs for earring), unless otherwise specified.

Getting the Job – What next?

Applying for a Licence

If your child has been successful, the client will have to apply for a Licence for your child to perform. This is to protect your child's welfare and cover their time out of school for any performance related work. Without all your documents held on file we will be unable to make your application successful and we do not have time to ask you for the following documents at the time of application. Please ensure we have the following on your file for your child if you have successfully joined the agency. We regret we are unable to submit your child for work until we have these.

Your local borough requires 7 days to arrange a licence for your child, but it is often the case that licences needed to be arranged within less time. We will need your full co-operation in order to have this done successfully. 

We will provide you with documention if successful on joining the agency, or you can download the documents from our website using the buttons shown opposite:-

We will guide you through the process – don’t worry it’s all straight forward!

How will I know if the audition was successful?

You will hear from us within 2-5 days if your child has been chosen for the job they have auditioned. We will let you know if you have been picked as soon as we find out.  However, if you do not hear from us it means that on this occasion your child was unsuccessful.  This does not mean that your child was not pretty enough, or good enough, it just means that the Casting Director found in another child what he/she was looking for… it can be down to height and not anything to do with what your child did on the day.

It is very important that you prep your kids before they go to auditions, so that they are aware that there will be lots of other children going along as well, and it doesn’t mean they have the job. If they do not get the job, let them know that it was not because they were not good enough, it could just be that the other little boy or girl was a little taller, or shorter.

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