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Joining Us

We are always looking for enthusiastic, energetic, friendly, happy and chatty young talent for commercials, modeling and voiceovers. 

In particular we love working with raw talent who have a desire to be in TV or Film. At The Agency we are commited to developing and nurturing young talent for opportunities within the entertainment industry. If you have a desire to learn, are commited and focused we would love to hear from you. 

We currently have spaces on our books for new artists to join us and take on new registrations throughout the year at regular intervals.

Babies are accepted all year round.

We are currently only taking children who live within a one hour and a half journey time into central London - but do come back and visit us again soon as this position will change shortly. 

You will be required to play a proactive part in your registration with us. We will require you to be flexiblecommitted and available for Castings and Bookings at short notice; to keep us informed of any changes in the artist/model's development; measurements, (teeth/hair), skills or hobbies, contact details, holidays and unavailability regularly.

Please think before joining if you have both the time and commitment to play a key role in your future with us. We cannot foresee how much work you may or may not get and no agency will guarantee you work, but if you are dedicated and hands-on it will make it easier for us to get you more opportunities. Sometimes you will only be given 24 hours notice to attend a casting and on occasion it can be less. It’s kind of like having a part time job or hobby on the side that you must be active in. You may go a few weeks or months without an audition and then suddenly you have three in one week, it’s just something to consider before joining. We’d love to hear from you if you feel you can juggle this with every day life. 

To be considered:

Please apply using The Agency online joining form by clicking on the 'Join Now' button below. You must upload photos as specified for us to process your application as quickly as possible. We regret we are unable to return any postal applications. We take no responsibility for applications lost in the post.

If you have any queries, please email us at
NB: It is very important that performance related work is something your child is keen to get into and not something that you would like to push them into.

When will I hear if my child has been successful ?
We will reply within 2 weeks of receiving your details. However, on occasion this may be delayed but we will do our best to get back to you as quickly as we can.

What happens next ?

The Agency receives lots of new applications each week. Once you have submitted your online application you will receive an email from our system to say it has been received. If you have not received an email to say your online registration was successful regrettably we will not have received your details. Please make sure when submitting your form that your images are the right size as this could be a reason why your application is not being received. Our New Registrations Department goes through new applications weekly and we will respond to you within 2 weeks. Once our Head Administrator has checked your online registration to make sure this is filled in correctly The Agency will respond. If you would like to follow up your application, please call our New Kidz department who will be happy to help.


The Agency has launched our 2 hour fun Workshops for all our new young talent over the age of 7 to attend. We have found the Workshops offer an invaluable creative space to learn the art of self confidence and some new acting skills. The Agency Bookers will be in attendance at the Workshops to have very close observation of the artists/model's skills for future projects with The Agency. 

The 2 hour Workshop will be an introduction to the actor's tool box and will help all young talent to learn the art of naturalistic acting, confidence/self esteem, the art of imagination, improvisionation and story telling. Teaching young people to be who they really are, like no other.

The Workshops are lead by Cindy O'Callaghan, successful child and adult actress who understands the pitfalls and success of being a young actor. Cindy had an 8 year contract with Walt Disney in Hollywood from the age of 12 and starred as Carrie in 'Bedknobs and Broomsticks', and went on to do many other Disney projects as well as numerous TV Series in the UK; including Eastenders. Cindy has extensive training in the art of acting, a BSc [Hons] degree and studies at the Institute of Art in Therapy and Education.


For any children under 7 years The Agency we whave a different assessment process, you will recieve this information from our Head Administrator once you applied online.

Asked to join us...

If the artist is selected to join The Agency we will arrange a photo shoot with our agency photographer to have the artist's images taken for the artist's online portfolio. All artist's joining The Agency must have photos taken with an assigned agency photographer for inclusion onto the agency’s online publication to maintain consistency and branding. It’s a fun shoot, where the artist is made to feel relaxed and we capture a few shots for their agency profile. This also gives them an opportunity to work in front of the camera (which for some is their first time).

Babies and Under 3’s

Because your baby's looks will change so quickly from week to week we feel it is not cost effective for you to pay to have a professional photo shoot until they reach 4 years of age. Up until that time we will use the home photos/professional shots supplied by you at regular intervals of which you will have to play a proactive part. Up to date photos taken against a plain white background must be emailed to The Agency on the 1st of every month. Head and shoulder shots taken in a plain white top against plain white background and body shots. It can be any simple outfit against a plain white background.  We regret that we do not have the time to resize images and any images emailed over 300kb will not be opened by us and not seen. Please do check to make sure your images are no bigger than this at the time of sending. We regret that failure to provide up to date photos, measurements and development of your baby on the first of every month could result in your contract with The Agency being terminated without further notice.

Please keep a reminder somewhere safe that will prompt you to do this on the 1st of every month.

Are there any joining fees?

The Agency is regulated by BIS (Department of Business, Innovation and Skills) and does not charge a joining or registration fee. However, whilst there are no fees to be represented by The Agency we do require the artist to cover the costs of setting up and creating the artist’s portfolio on The Agency’s online website publication. The total fee of £150.00 will cover the cost of your online portfolio and will include a shoot with the Agency Photographer. This fee will cover film, tv, stage, commercials and others. If you would prefer your child to just be submitted for photographic modelling, this fee will be taken from your child's first earnings. This is in compliance with the BIS, as the current legislation states that an upfront work finding service fee cannot be charged to those working as a photographic model only. The Agency welcomes the new legislation brought in as of the 1st October 2010 by BIS. 

Babies under Three

The Agency is regulated by BIS (Department of Business, Innovation and Skills) and does not charge a joining or registration fee. However, whilst there are no fees to be represented by The Agency we do require the baby/artist to cover the costs of setting up and creating the baby/artist’s portfolio on The Agency’s online website publication. The total fee of £120.00 will include all updates to baby's portfolio up until they reach 4 years old. The Agency welcomes the new legistration brought in as the 1st October 2010 by BIS. 

Are there any other fees?

Updates to the child/artist’s online website portfolio are carried out free of charge all year round with measurements and skills which you will have to provide us on the 1st of every month. If you are sent a renewal letter offering for your child to stay with The Agency for another year at the end of your year's contract this will include a new photo shoot which will be organized for you at this time so we have new shots for the artists/child’s portfolio. It is imperative that we have up to date pictures of your child at all times for our clients and it will be necessary to have these taken each year, or sooner if their looks should change considerably including teeth and hair. You will be assessed by The Agency each year so we can make sure your child is still keen to be involved in performance related opportunities; to assess their personality and development each year and to talk through their experiences so far.  This allows us to know you both personally when representing you to our clients and will save us sending you to auditions/castings or bookings that are not suitable. Children can change each year and those that were once outgoing and enthusiastic can become shy and quiet and vice versa so it is necessary for us to meet you again to assess them upon renewing their contract with us. The renewal fee of £150.00 will include a new photo shoot with The Agency photographer, and a free 5-10 minute assessment at the photo shoot.

What other documents are needed to join?

There are some documents we need to hold on file here for the artist at the time of joining. We will need these documents for anybody under the age of 16 years. When an artist is chosen for a booking with one of our client's we will have to apply for a Performance Licence and paperwork will be needed in the office right away to make this happen in time. It's very important these documents are with us in readiness for us to put you forward for opportunities with our clients. Licensing turn around can be within 5 working days; so all paperwork must be held at our offices so we can make this happen quickly for both you and our clients.

  • Copy of your child’s Birth Certificate
  • Copy of passport (parent and artist - for International Licence purpose)
  • Please keep a log of all your bookings at The Agency for your Part II applications. 
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