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Clean & Clear (Mini Drama)

Clean and Clear online Mini drama stars Rebecca Hatch in a 22 episode online drama.

Peppa Pig

Congratulations Jadon Mills for your continuing voice work on the popular CH5 programme as 'Danny the Dog'

Tesco Magazine (Autumn 09)

Tesco's new fashion range for Autumn 09 will feature Catherine and Talia in the Sept/Oct issue on the instore magazine.

Debenhams 'Back to School'

Dylan and Kitty had lots of fun shooting the latest Debenhams 'Back to School' at London's Zoo.

Holby City

Holby City sees Sue Miller and her two children Max and Yaeli Miller in a coming episode. Air date TBC. Lisa Marie and her daughter Talia Marie will appear in the same episode. Air date TBC.

3rd & Bird *CBeebies* Lead Role of Rudy

Cbeebies popular children's animation '3rd & Bird' stars our very talented Morgan Gayle, playing the lead role of 'Rudy'.

3rd & Bird *CBeebies*

Popular children's animation '3rd & Bird' features our lovely Reiss Lewin as regular character 'Baby Jordan'.

Waybuloo *CBeebies*

Popular New CBeebies animation stars our young Shalayne Matthews in Series I.

Blueberry 'Short Film'

Harley (Peppa Pig) Bird, secures the lead role of Daisy in Matthew Sanger's 'Blueberry' Short Film. The film will have the fairy tale feel in the mold of Roald Dhal's Children stories. This is a real and earthly story about childhood innocence threatened by the breakdown of a family. Shooting June-July 2009.

Are You Smarter Than Your 10 Year Old

Sky One's popular Noel Edmond's show is back, and children are competing against a member of their own family... Rosanna Smith and Lana Camp will be part of the show, filming later this Summer

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