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Cadburys Casting

La-Shane Dawkins-Mcleod and Renaee-mya Warden have been to a Cadburys casting this week. Fingers crossed for you both!


Roman Gordon, Annalie Clarke & Mia Clarke have been booked for a Lidl cinema event - taking place this month! Great news!

Disney Danone

Callum Moore and Jake Phillips have been confirmed for a Disney Danone commercial - shooting next week! Well done guys, enjoy!

Torn Apart

Cameron Allcock-Mead has been confirmed for an 'Enter Shikari' music video - shooting on Friday! Have fun Cameron!

Disney Catwalk

India Kooger has been confirmed for a Disney catwalk project, taking place soon! Fab news!

Disney XD Rap Battle

Niccoy Dixon-Blake, Fabien Warriner & Jordan Benjamin have been confirmed for a Disney rap battle voiceover next week! Very exciting news - well done guys!


Evan Cregan has been confirmed for a Ford Commercial - shooting next week in Spain. Great job - have fun Evan!

Callum confirmed for playing 'Terence' in The Kennedys

Callum has confirmed he will be playing Terence in a new TV Pilot for The Kennedys. He is very excited and will begin shooting at the end of this month!! Well Done Callum!!!

Jake on Clarks

Check out Jake getting ready to go on set for Clarks today :) Beautiful weather for the shoot too Great work Jake

Phillips Siblings

Check out Freddie and Ollie at work book day :) Fantastic Outfits , hope you had fun !

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