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Toby Eden on set today for Premier League

Hope you're having a fantastic time up in Manchester Toby!

Tom in film poster for LOST CITY OF Z

So amazing to see our own little Tom on the poster for this. Can't wait to see the film when it comes out :)

Algernon in the new KFC campaign

Check out the link below to see Algernon in the new KFC commercial. Looks like it was a crazy and fun shoot!


Good luck today Toby! Hope you have a brilliant time on set.

Plusnet Rainy Day Videos

Harry, Timmy & Aleesha did some really fun filming for Plusnet just before Christmas. And now the videos are up on YouTube :)


The Halcyon last night was so heartbreaking and our wonderful Bella was a part of the episode. if you haven't had a chance to watch it yet then make sure you check out the link below, as well as the lovely screen-shots of Bella.

Tom at the premier for Time of Their Lives

Hope you had fun seeing yourself on the big screen Tom!

Callum in Pukka Pies ad!

Looks amazing VCallum - We're so proud!

John for Mothercare

John spotted on the Mothercare website

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