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Check out Disney at the location for his Disney voiceover yesturday :) We hope you had lots of fun in the recording studio :D

Thank you

A big thanks to Mariella and her mum for the yummy Chocolates we received in the post today . Licensing can be tricky business ;)


Good Luck to Annalie for her shoot tomorrow for GSK Great work !!


We hope Bert had loads of fun on his shoot for NEXT today :) Good Luck with your Miniclub shoot next week as well !!

Happy Red Nose Day from Lindy!

Happy Red Nose Day from Lindy!

Bianca - Comic Relief

Bianca Bartlett-Richards has been busy raising money for Comic Relief by body boarding and sky jumping. "For every £20 I raise I can save 5 children from getting Malaria” So far she has raised £120!! Amazing, well done Bianca. Check out the clips of her in action!

The Hive Voiceover

Julia Westrup has been confirmed to do a voiceover for 'The Hive' Series 2 at the end of March. Very exciting, well done Julia!

Cadburys Casting

La-Shane Dawkins-Mcleod and Renaee-mya Warden have been to a Cadburys casting this week. Fingers crossed for you both!


Roman Gordon, Annalie Clarke & Mia Clarke have been booked for a Lidl cinema event - taking place this month! Great news!

Disney Danone

Callum Moore and Jake Phillips have been confirmed for a Disney Danone commercial - shooting next week! Well done guys, enjoy!

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