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The Latest News from Alphabet Management

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Saskia Reeve in new Children's Society Campaign

Saskia has been filming for The Children's Society this week on their new campaign. Filming finishes up tomorrow and we are very excited to see the finished product. Well done Saskia, hope you had a great time on set!

Imogen Faires in The Dumping Ground

Make sure you check out Imogen in the trailer below for her episode of The Dumping Ground. Well done Imogen and it looks like you had a ball on set!

BBC 2's The Last Kingdom - Jocelyn Macnab

If you weren't able to catch the first episode of the epic new BBC 2 drama The Last Kingdom and our very own Jocelyn, then don't worry, you can still catch up on iPlayer. Jocelyn plays Young Brida and steals the scenes she is in! Well done Jocelyn, all very proud of you here.


Bit of fantastic news again this morning in that again Peppa has two nominations for this year BAFTA's. One for pre-school animation and one for writing - all for The Golden Boots. Well done to ALL involved in this great project!

Lily-Rose in Modern Life Is Rubbish

The as always fantastic and talented Lily-Rose Aslandogdu will be appearing as Sally Jones in the new feature film 'Modern life Is Rubbish' alongside Josh Whitehouse. Well done Lily!


We're delighted to tell everyone Hayden will be on screen soon in HOLBY CITY as Amy's son, Adam. Well done Hayden!

International Emmy Nomination for 'Bing'

We have just heard that a project our very own Jocelyn Macnab was involved with has been nominated for an International Emmy. Well done to Jocelyn and the whole team behind 'Bing'.

CAST OF PEPPA PIG - 9 Alphabet Agency actors!

What a great way to start a Monday. We are so happy to announce that Alphabet Kidz will have 9 actors doing voices in the new series of Peppa Pig which is recording this month! Have a look below to see all the wonderful actors and the roles they are playing.


Wonderful interview for India with Totally Tween! Congratulations to India for series one of Disney's Minnie Fashion.


Our own wonderful Reggie Moore played William Shakespeare's son in the hilarious new feature film 'Bill'. It was released on Friday and is in 300 cinemas across the UK. If you have the chance then go check it out. This is the newest project from the team behind Horrible Histories.

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