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FISHER PRICE shot this week with some of our cute little ones.

Interplay Jewellery Shoot

Alicia has a glamorous shoot coming up next week for one of our client's jewellery shoots.

Ben 10 (Nickelodeon) Commercial

Ben 10 shoots again next month for their latest TV Commercial featuring one of our client's favorite's Luke.


Aimee shoots her first commercial this week for KFC

Northern Bank Commercial

Northern Bank shot their latest Commercial this week, look out for one of our little actors...

Swisscom Online Advert

Tilly shoots for Swisscom next week for their latest infomercial

'Wrong Turn' Television (ABC) America

TV Documentary Drama for ABC America, 'Wrong Turn' shoots next month...

Michael Jackson 'Discovery Health'

Discovery Health channel doc drama about Michael Jackson's body shoots next week... one of our New young actors will play the role of Michael's son.

I Carly - Magazine Shoot

Danielle and Aimee shoot for I Carly this week... for popular Nickelodeon show...

Argos Xmas TV Commercial

Argos shoot their Xmas Commercial this month with a few of our popular young artists get to celebrate Christmas early...

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