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The Latest News from Alphabet Management

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Juan-Leonardo jet setting to Montenegro

Look at Juan-Leonardo, packed and ready for Montenegro

Juan-Leonardo booked on F.F. Papillon With Charlie Hunnam

Well done Juan-Leonardo for getting a feature film role! Can't wait to see the outcome.

Samson in ALL MY SONS

It's with great pleasure we can finally announce that Samson will be appearing in All My Sons at The Rose Theatre in Kingston. So proud of you Samson and can't wait to see the show!

Cameron and Denneil - Feature Film Shoot

The amazing Cameron and Denneil start filming this weekend on the feature film 'Our Eucalyptus Tree'. Hope you have a great time guys!

Catch up with Motherland on BBC iPlayer

In case you missed it last night, make sure you catch up on Motherland on iPlayer. Well done to Bella, Kassian, Rafferty & Oliver! Looks like you had so much fun filming.

The Krib - Filming

Really lucky to be working on a new exciting show called The Krib which has children presenters talking about books and interviewing authors. The wonderful Shalom is one of their main presenters and a whole load of other wonderful Alphabet kids have been taking part - Samuel, Henry, Bella, Nathan, Kayci & Connie. Check out the images below and link to the website!

Bella Padden last day on set

Today was Bella's last day on set for The Halcyon and it looks like she had an AMAZING time. They even got her a beautiful card and present. Can't wait to see your performance Bella :)

Rafferty in upcoming Bridget Jones!

Take a look at Rafferty promoting his upcoming film!


Some photos of Cherry last night when she was at the preview for 'Daydreaming with... Stanley Kubrick'. Well done Cherry. Looks like you and Joanna Lumley are the best of friends now :)


Go Cherry! Looks like you were part of an amazing project :)

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